Allan Moller

Uilleann Pipes Reeds and Repairs


It is with great sadness that I have to report that Allan passed away in April 2015.

Over many years he established a reputation as one of the most skilful and expert makers & fine-tuners of reeds for the uilleann pipes in the world.

He was also a skilled piper, and I have many fond memories of working with him back in the late '80's and throughout the 90's, as a harp & pipes duo, and also in the bands Hafren and Howling at Ravens.

He was a truly unique character, and will be greatly missed.

                                                                                 - Chris Knowles    24/4/15

Allan Moller

For any pipers looking this way for help with their pipes and reeds, Allan spent most of the last couple of years working with his friend uilleann pipes & reed maker Chris Coe, based in Chester. Allan rated him very highly for the quality of his work and his chanters. I don't think Chris Coe has a website at present, but he can be contacted via email :